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Debut with OSPA

The OSPA, under Néstor Bayona's accurate baton, knew how to face the difficulties hidden behind the four movements written by the Mallorcan composer. The balance of the Asturian ensemble came to the fore in the lyricism of the "Andante con motto", although surely the most impressive passages would come with the "theme and variations" (third movement), where the strings and woodwinds displayed a more than remarkable level, reserving some marked dynamics and a more powerful volume, with a certain air of solemnity, for the final "Allegro brillante", sealing an hour and a quarter of great musical level and the first edition of a Festival which, judging by the support of the public, seems to have come to stay.

Jonathan Mallada Álvarez, La Nueva España

Debut Palau - El Periódico

Néstor Bayona, in charge of the Orchestra of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, accompanied with a good sense of concentration the short and interesting piece that allows the soloist to show all his expressive potential; Eclectic

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad, El Periódico

Debut Palau - Revista Musical Catalana

Finally, the good level achieved by the Orchestra of the Real Cercle Artístic and the important work of conductor Néstor Bayona should be highlighted. Faced with works of very different styles and demands, all absolutely outside the usual repertoire of orchestras, this old ensemble founded by Enric Granados in 1900 sounded great and was a fundamental piece in making the concert a success.

Xavier Pujol, Revista Musical Catalana

Luisa Miller re-orchestration

Néstor Bayona succeeds in this challenge. The former assistant conductor of the Opera of Marseille, recalled by Maurice Xiberras takes over the entire orchestration of Giuseppe Verdi and reduces the number of musicians, so that everyone has the required distance, while retaining strength sound and musical coherence with respect for the work of the composer. Reducing the quartet, the winds become one per desk, Néstor Bayona creates a sound balance without disfiguring the orchestral part, preserving the instrument solos and musical inflections, for support and great cohesion in the accompaniments.

Jocelyne de Nicola, GB Opera Magazine

Debut Philharmonie Berlin - RBB

The young musicians master this music brilliantly, but they also have a young conductor in Nestor Bayona who is very attentive to detail, and this comes through in the fine sounds of Franz Berwald's "Remembrance of the Norwegian Alps

Clemens Goldberg, RBB Kulturradio