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Fanciulla del West

CD Recording for Pentatone of Puccini’s Fanciulla del West. Assistant Conductor and Repetiteur to Lawrence Foster.

Foster’s interpretation, rich in tension, dramatic and somber, yet also immensely lyrical, is what ultimately makes the recording so appealing. Although, unlike other Puccini operas, there is no death scene in La Fanciulla del West, a sense of gloom, sadness, discontent, indeed something consistently negative is noticeable over the whole plot, which is ultimately countered only by Minnie’s honest love. The orchestra, as commentator on the action, becomes a supplementary character in the opera. By Remy Franck.


Conductor | Lawrence Foster
Producer | Job Maarse
Assistant Conductor | Nestor Bayona


Minnie | Melody Moore
Rance | Lester Lynch
Johnson | Marius Vlad

Others: Kevin Short, Amitai Pati, Martin-Jan Nijhof, Radu Cimpan,  Alexandru Suciu, Ruben Ciungan, Alessandro Luciano, Lorant Barta, Rareș Munteanu, Antonio Di Matteo, Alexander Köpeczi, Ilseyar Khayrullova and Gustavo Castillo.


Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir