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Luisa Miller re-orchestration

Re-orchestration of Verdi’s Luisa Miller for the new stage production at the Opéra de Marseille. Reduced version for 20 musicians.

Néstor Bayona succeeds in this challenge. The former assistant conductor of the Opera of Marseille, recalled by Maurice Xiberras takes over the entire orchestration of Giuseppe Verdi and reduces the number of musicians, so that everyone has the required regulatory space, while retaining strength sound and musical coherence in respect of the work of the composer. Reducing the quartet, reducing the harmony instruments which are found to be one per section, Néstor Bayona creates a sound balance without disfiguring the orchestral part, preserving the instrument solos and musical inflections, for support and great cohesion in the accompaniments. By Jocelyne de Nicola.

26th March 2021, 20:00
Opéra de Marseille

Musical direction | Paolo Arrivabeni
Staging | Louis Désiré
Sets and costumes | Diego Méndez Casariego
Lights Patrick Méeüs


Luisa Miller | Zuzana Marková
Federica | Sophie Koch
Laura | Laurence Janot
Rodolfo | Stefano Secco
Miller | Gezim Myshketa
Le Comte Walter | Nicolas Courjal
Wurm | Marc Barrard


Orchestre et Chœur de l’Opéra de Marseille